What ages are the curriculums designed for?

fireflies new buttercups

In January of 2008, we implemented the Fireflies™ early learning pre-k curriculum program for our toddlers approximately 2 to 5 yrs old. It adds the orderliness of an established professional preschool curriculum, while having a more developmentally appropriate approach compared to more formal structured preschool settings.

Fireflies™ offers a blend of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities adaptable for children ages 2 – 5 years.

Buttercups™ is designed for infants and toddlers who are age 9 – 24 mos. Each child brings a unique set of developmental skills.

These skills do not always fall into place at exactly the same age for all children. Therefore, we feel it is more appropriate to offer activities that can be adapted for children that vary in their levels of development.

Many activities in the Fireflies™ Curriculum Guide include adaptations or alternatives for younger children.

All activities in the Buttercups™ Curriculum Guide include suggestions for older and younger children."